AvonworthPITTSBURGH—Cameroon Football Development Program (CameroonFDP) is planning its upcoming programs for the next year and we have some exciting news… more communities in Cameroon want our programs! In order to accommodate these new programs and leagues, we need to expand our reach and raise more funds. With the holiday season approaching, we are presenting four service projects and invite you to join CameroonFDP in changing lives with the beautiful game.
CameroonFDP thrives off of our enthusiastic volunteers. We have had many dedicated volunteers in the past who donate their time to our organization. At Avonworth High School in Pittsburgh, two seniors, Lauren Robinet and Alex Kirsch, took initiative to contribute to CameroonFDP. With the support of the girls’ soccer team, they collected equipment and raised $500 with our T-shirt Express Project in the spring of 2015.
Lauren and Alex’s hard work paid off. Young soccer players in Cameroon now wear their Avonworth High School jerseys and use their soccer equipment. To see Cameroonian youth wear the same shirts they wore and play the same sport they love was a rewarding experience for the girls. In addition, Lauren and Alex learned entrepreneurship skills and other practical knowledge that can be used in the future. These accomplishments were recognized in a local Pittsburgh news report: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/09/25/avonworth-hs-seniors-donate-equipment-to-young-soccer-players-in-africa/
Lauren and Alex’s example can easily be implemented in other schools. CameroonFDP has four Supporters’ Projects for schools and students to get involved: Sports Jersey Day, Coins Make Change, T-Shirt Express, and Charity Soccer Match. These projects are fun and easy, and promote social responsibility while increasing global awareness at the same time.
We are getting exciting about the upcoming holiday season and the successful projects that result from this time. We are striving to complete our goal of raising $10,000 by the end of 2015. Be a part of our end-of-the-year campaign. Join CameroonFDP.
Learn more about our Supporters’ Projects: http://staging.cameroonfdp.org/supporters/
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