Bidias was shy when he attended our first youth camp at St Francis College at the age of 10. From early on, CameroonFDP Coach Caroline saw the potential in Bidias and worked to ensure he had the maximum benefit from the program. She helped Bidias to gain confidence in himself and that has paid dividends over time because today he is the the first-ever community leader in our PLAY4PURPOSE programs in Kosala.


“Ever since that moment, I made a promise to myself that I wanted to be that coach someday, making a change in someone else’s life,” he said.

Seven years later, Bidias is a community coach working with close to 60 youths under his control. In this role, he is planning and co-leading activities during sessions in Kosala conducting outreach and serving as a mentor to inspire other youths who are participating in CameroonFDP – just like he was so many years ago.

Hear directly from Bidias and see the impact of CameroonFDP programs in our newest video. Check it out: