The event took place at bilingual academy of arts and science kumba (BASSK). It started at 7:30 am with the arrival of students and leaders which was followed by the registration. At about 8: am the director of operation gave his welcome speech. After the speech, we started with the outdoor activity which was the 5 vs 5 tournament which the schools were divided in two groups, that’s group A and group B of which they played two matches each. And the first two qualified for the semifinals. After that they both played each other, GBHS kosala and BHS kang barombi qualify for their group while DILIGENT and MULTI PURPOSE did same for theirs as well.GBHS played DILIGENT while BHS played MULTI PURPOSE. Following the point system MULTI PURPOSE AND GBHS played the final of which by the end of the day MULTI PURPOSE was the winners of the 5 vs 5 tournament. The winner of the day was from GBHS KOSALA. She was out standing in the field of played.IMG_4757
During the second part of the activities, this was the quiz and survey and award of prizes. In the quiz they had to answer questions on C F D P, PLUS 7 MODULE, GENDER And SEX. The schools all did well and the list had 12 points out of 20 and was G S S FIANGO. And the outstanding school was GBHS KOSALA. They had all the points. The overall performance of the activities are as follows; GBHS KOSALA with 95%, MULTI PURPOSE with 90%, G B H kang barombi with 80%, DILIGENT with 77.5%, GLOBICCOL with 67%, G H S kumba mbeng with 65%.
In all, the general performance was good since no school scored below average. This shows that the leaders were serious.
Prizes were given to the first three schools of which we gave them fills, a packet of pencil of 12, a ruler and a book. The overall school had a shield. While the leaders had a jersey wheeling Jesuit and a T-shirt. All the youths had participating prizes of T-shirt (TWIN BORO).
DAVID from CCAS KUMBA who had been part and parcel of C F D P since he was in G H S nkamlikum, gave a word of encouragement and told them all that the organization had did to him and how his life is now change and advise them to take C F D P activities serious to be better Cameroonians in future. Akom Caroline was also appreciated for running sessions in kosala despite her busy schedule in the office thanks to her the school performance was excellent.
The youths had their launch and a closing remark was given by the director and the day ended with photographs.