In May of 2014 CFDP celebrated it’s 4th continuous year of involvement in school activities in Kumba.  The Kumba based management team of CFDP put together the event which was held at Cameroon College of Arts and Sciences in Kumba.  At the event each of our 11 partner schools was present to compete on all the activities that we have been teaching them throughout the last year.  Activities included Life Skills topics and various football drills led by coaches from involved schools.  Prizes were given out to youth demonstrating strongest understanding of Life Skills topics and football drills which correlated to the activities.


Each youth participant was awarded with a t-shirt and three special prizes were awarded to the best three schools in Kumba.  The best three schools are as follows:  Government High School Nkamlikum, Baptist High School, and Government Bilingual High School Kossala (one of the first two schools CFDP began with in 2010).  GHS Nkamlikum was awarded the 1st place prize and received books, files, pencils, and special treats on top of the t-shirts each participant received.


Sumelong Killian

School Based Activities Manager