He thanked CameroonFDP for transforming the lives of young girls in kumba for close to six years through football; a game that brings youths’ together. He congratulates all the coaches who have dedicated their time and money to train the youths with the CameroonFDP model. He appreciated the youths who participates in this activities and the tournament at least we can boast of better female footballers especially as Cameroon will hosting the African Nations Cup 2016 in the Cities of Yaounde and Limbe. He encourage the girls to implement all they have learned from this tournament wherever they find themselves because what CameroonFDP is teaching them will influence their carrier positively if they apply it correctly.Education has been called a social vaccination against HIV, when girls stay in school they are much likely not to become infected, that is the drive of CameroonFDP to keep more girls in school with our innovative approach to sports for development.