He thanked CFDP for transforming the lives of youths in kumba for five years now through football; a game that brings youths’ together. He congratulates all the coaches who have dedicated their time and money to train the youths with the CFDP model. He appreciated the youths who participates in CFDP activities and the tournament at least we can boast of better footballers and dynamic leaders tomorrow, he reiterates. He encourage the youths to implement all they have learned from this tournament wherever they find themselves because what CFDP is teaching them will influence their carrier positively if they apply it correctly.
CFDP director of operation express gratitude to all and sundry for a successful end of the U-14 tournament. He glorified God for no major injury and applauds the US supporters and sponsors for helping CFDP to organize a near professional championship league youth football tournament model in Kumba municipality. He expects the youths to take advantage of the lessons to become better persons and professionals. Brescia was appreciated for the brilliant performance so far while Arsenal was greatly encouraged in spite of their defeat implementing a fair play and good sportsmanship throughout the match and after.