CameroonFDP communication officer at the local community radio in Kumba called lake Site Radio sensitizing the public about our activities and the upcoming Coaches across continent training that will take place from the 4th to the 8th of July 2016. Football is a Game of life which everybody is playing from dawn to dusk with sporting spirit strengthening harmony of society. Without sports a good society can never be constructed by its members. Spirit of endurance and fellowship, willingness to scarify – these various qualities which are of great value can help us to rebuild an ideal society. Society as a whole depends on the young people who are leaders of tomorrow. If CameroonFDP activities are penetrated into the deep-root of the community then youths will became more empowered and juvenile delinquency will reduce as well as shameful act. However to build up a strong-sound and enthusiastic country sport is essential to implement in every level of our society.