Lakers Coach Basil Forgu Forteck
This is coach Basil Forgu Forteck. He is the coach of the Kumba Laker girls. They played in the opening match of the season versus St Peters. It was a thrilling game that ended  in a 1-1 tie. Unfortunately for the Lakers, the end result was St Peters 8 points and Lakers 7 points. The Lakers got a yellow card during the match, which led to that point difference. Even though the Lakers came up a point short, it is  not a bad start. A loss on the field would have been much worse because instead of a one point difference it would have been a four point difference. Basil Forgu Forteck will have no problem moving forward from here. He is a real Madrid fan and he looks up to the well known coach sir Alex Ferguson. There is no doubt that he is making improvements and working hard to make sure his team can come away with more points next match. His goal is to implement the seven plus model to his team and to increase female participation in soccer around the area. Follow Basil Forgu Forteck and his Laker girls here and watch them get closer and closer to their goal each and every match.