St Peters Coach Atabongnkeng Ekokobe
Team: St peter’s formation center 
This coach who is a Liverpool fan and who has already been named CFDP’s best U16 coach before kicked off his season this past Sunday. His team, St Peters formation center, took on the Lakers in the opening match of the season. The final score was a 1-1 draw. On the scoreboard it may have been a draw but at the end of the day St Peters ended up on top. St Peters finished with a total of 8 points, while the Lakers only came away with 7 points. During the game the Lakers ended up getting a yellow card, which led to a loss of a point in their total score. Both teams were well prepared and played hard, which meant every point counted and in this case was what set them apart. Atabongnkeng Ekokobe always preaches to his players that punctuality is the key to success. This proved to be true this past Sunday. Atabongnkeng Ekokobe strives to be like his favorite coach, Roberto Martinez. His goal is to become a better coach each and every game and his passion is evident. A win on the scoreboard would have been a better result but this is still a good start for St Peters and their coach.