Passing out orders is as easy as passing out business cards. But a prudent leader also knows how to lead himself or herself—not merely to provide a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the overall machinery of your organization. “It’s important that leaders have the ability to focus and motivate themselves as they motivate others,”
CFDP coaches and leaders were drilled on how to run CFDP sessions and also on the first two modules of our Curriculum which is Gender issues part I and healthy relationship, most of the leaders are determine to transform the youths based on the training they acquire from CFDP, they were paired into four groups and each group was evaluated by all the leaders it was a wonderful exercise, the only way we can spread our programs to other areas is when we have more people C360_2015-03-07-08-22-35-489 willing and ready to volunteer as leaders and work with the youths. Male leaders have the opportunity to teach Gender issues to young people thanks to CFDP.
The workshop also had outdoor activities that is football drills, based on Gender issues such as Neymar for Gender Equity, Balotelli and Ronaldo for Gender Equity.