The training was divided into two sessions; the first was facilitated by the Director of Operation who introduced the +7 training Module for CameroonFDP Coaches. He dwelled on the Core Values of CameroonFDP which are; be prepared, be a team player, educate yourself, play fair, respect all, be a role model and elevate your community. He went further to educate all about the +7 activities/actions, Coaches, Code of Conduct, +7 Session Overview, +7 Game Time Overview and the participating Age Groups. He rounded up by thanking all and hoping that this training will go a long way to create an impact in our communities.
Nenne took over from the Director, she facilitated the second segment which was based on the new curriculum with topics like Setting Goals and Accept Responsibility covered that day. Included in her methodology was a small game in the form of a debate on the basis of setting goal. Taking into consideration that you have gold somewhere to take and the only means of access are through fire, water and the forest. Irrespective of what path we choose to access our gold (goal), the truth remains that all paths have their own unique set of challenges. She laid a lot of emphasis on the essence for coaches to select games on the basis of relevance and relation to life skill topic; else they should never introduce games or football activities to youths that do not relate with life skill topic.
The first topic; Setting Goals was handled in a more theoretical approach incorporatedin the CameroonFDP Methodology with practical undertone for session overview and game time overview. The second topic was more of practical as the Coaches were shared in three small groups with staff members as lead members to help facilitate the training and each group presented one of the topics using the CameroonFDP methodology. Immediately following all group presentation, auto critic made the learning by doing exercise very impactful as each coach could see their flaws and appreciate the feedback from the panel.
Finally the Director of Operations in a closing remark appreciated all the coaches for participation and were encouraged to be present for the other five coaches clinics with workshops in-between to really help capacitate them as they move forward in preparation of eight weeks educational sessions.