Two days coaches clinic in mamfe took another dimension, the next phase of the tournament will be focused on gender issues, most of the coaches don’t have girls in their teams thus it was a perfect opportunity for them to understand the idea of gender and introduce it to their youths. We started with module three, for them to understand the concept of gender and sex, gender equality and gender equity. The second day of the training was based on module four that is Gender and power. The leaders understand the perception of gender norms; remember that this perception may also be affected by class, race, ethnicity and other differences. Coaches were told to act like a man and also as a woman and share some experiences of someone or something similar to them. They also enlightened leaders on various football drills to be used during the tournaments especially on CAC and Quiver drills.
At the end of the training the facilitator encourage coaches to be more gender sensitive especially when working with boys and girls in various teams, so that men and women can live a healthier and happy lives. Thus we must promote gender equitable behaviors like making joint decisions and men respecting a woman’s right to say no to sex, sharing responsibilities and care for others.