As CFDP works together to put together and host the first ever all female football league and tournament in Kumba to begin later in 2014 we can see that change is soon to come to Kumba, and ideally Cameroon as a whole.  As CFDP is run as a “sport for social impact” organization it is easy to realize that the management team and various leaders within CFDP will play an integral role in the future changes and developments that we will soon see in Kumba.  Working together directly with youth, both male and female, our management team and team leaders hold a unique platform at which to speak on various issues from child’s rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and especially gender equity and women’s rights.
CFDP has already begun women’s programs in the past and is excited to extend them in the near future and with the new knowledge that two of our management team will receive in August 2014.  Together with current U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Adrian R. King, Mekoi Nenne and Sumelong Killian will travel to the regional capital of the Northwest, Bamenda, to participate in a Men As Partners conference over the course of three days.
So what exactly is Men As Partners (MAP)?  MAP began in 1996 under the umbrella of an organization called EngenderHealth.  The aim of MAP is to utilize both men and women to create partnerships and understanding between one another.   “Through its groundbreaking work, this program works with men to play constructive roles in promoting gender equity and reproductive health in their families and communities”.  It is really important that these sorts of issues are addressed in the community and discussed together with community members to further the ideals of gender equity and women’s rights.  Not only is it important that the issues are being discussed and brought up, but that men are on board as well.  In cultures and populations which are more patriarchal it can be more difficult to discuss and promote gender equity, however with a population of men on board it will be easier, more effective, and ,most importantly, sustainable.  As Sumelong Killian is the headmaster of a local primary school in Kumba and Mekoi Nenne is the head of Women’s Programs for CFDP, they both are highly influential in their communities and will use information gained to promote women’s rights and further the gender equity pursuits of CFDP and women in Kumba.
Through this program and CFDP’s participation in the training event we are hoping that both Nenne and Killian are able to utilize what they learn and further their own work here in Kumba together with PCV Adrian King.

PCV Adrian King