Ekokobe is the coach of st peter FC, he is so excited about the league and particularly on the aspect of punctuality which his team is grabbing all the points in the U14 tournament. He testifies that his youths have understood that football is not all about scoring goals and they enjoy the drills more than the match. According to him these league will transform young people to become better citizens in future.
He appreciated CFDP for such a wonderful idea, and that this league has transform him as a person and also as a coach especially in the aspect of Gender Equality which he was very blank and now he also give opportunities to the girls during trainings, who are even doing better than the boys. He is currently toping pole B with 23 points and his ambition for his baby st peter club is not only to end at the AcademyIMG_3516 level but also to extend to a football club. Kudos to CFDP in Cameroon and America.