From kumba to Ndu now mamfe, CFDP is transforming the lives of youths in the south west and Northwest Regions respectively through U-14 tournaments. Wallace Director of Community Program; The League and JClay; intern from Pittsburgh left for mamfe last Thursday to supervise the tournaments and conduct streams of interview with coaches, referees and board of commission members. The theme for the mamfe tournament is on Gender and power and Gender and sex. Most of the coaches don’t have girls in their teams thus a perfect opportunity for the players and coaches to understand the perception of gender norms: remember that this may affect class, race, ethnicity and other differences. Terence; the Coordinator of CFDP mamfe expansion appreciates donation of sporting gear given to the clubs and coaches. Everyone is excited and confident that CFDP is really out to groom and help improve on football at grassroots. The every supportive community looks forward to the opening day and every match day to watch and support their youths as they demonstrate passion for the game.