Asangi Francis shows us that even if you are not enrolled in one our partner schools- or any school for that matter – youth in Kumba benefit from CFDP. Francis recently dropped out of school due to his poor grades and lack of support from his parents. He was fortunate to find work as a carpenter, but he was not making enough money to support himself. However, things began looking up for Francis when CFDP launched the Rotary International – sponsored Youth Enrichment Football League last summer. The coach of Arsenal quickly registered his team – not fully knowing what impact the competition could have on his players. After eight months of programs, we are seeing some results. At the camp we hosted this past weekend, Francis gave us some insight into his experience:
The competition has enabled me to build my personal skills and improve my football talents. Thank you for training my coach, too. Thank you for training my coach, too. His skills have improved to allow him to pass on more knowledge to me. My favorite part is the icebreakers. I was a timid person and have speaking with others I don’t know so well. Now, I can communicate better. Also, because of CFDP, I will go back to school next year.
You better believe we will be here to support Francis!