kumba girls arsenal and lakers
2015 is a year of fulfillment, and empowering more girls in schools and communities is CFDP Priority, it is often said when you educate a girl child you educate the nation. We have young girls who are very dynamic and intelligent but from very poor homes and their parents are not able to meet up with their demands and most often some of them have drop out of school and became delinquents in various communities, CFDP has raised their hopes through their participation in all our programs and we are moving forward to see that this youths achieve their dreams.
Second edition of the Girls tournament will kick off in July, the organization is doing everything to apply gender equality not only in the curriculum and football matches but also ensure the girls have the opportunity to exploit their talents in the game of football. Young girls in kumba are empowered with leadership skills, Kudos to all our supporters in the US.
kumba brescia girls