Ngo mbock Sarah is the leader of Baask one of our partner schools and the host of 2015 CFDP End of Year Gathering. Based on her biography her father is a pastor and the mother a teacher. she is the last child of a family of three siblings, she promised to be an ambassador of this organization because of what she has achieved according to Sara Mbock she has discover football drills that can solve conflict resolution, discrimination against women and children, Negative peers and self-respect, which has revolutionize her mentality of only boys do play football. She thanked the sport leader of Baask who gave her the opportunity to participate in the program, just 12 years old she is the leader of her team a wonderful privilege Sarah promised not to fail or disappoint her school or the organization.
She thanked the donors for the equipment’s because of such gestures they too are privilege to participate with other schools with sport attires unlike before,IMG_4241