CameroonFDP will create a life-changing experience for coaches and players with our First Annual Super Cup, an epic event which will bring coaches and players from five different communities across Cameroon, Africa together for a weekend of soccer and leadership workshops. As part of the experience, each team will return home to complete community service activities, creating an opportunity for youth to showcase their leadership skills within their soccer club and benefit hundreds of members of their village, town, or city.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support this Super Cup, laying the foundation for a sustainable initiative in each of the 5 communities. 2016 will see boys’ and girls’ soccer leagues spring up thanks to our efforts today.
The Super Cup is only the beginning, and will accomplish the following:
Provide educational experiences for 50 players and coaches through leadership workshops and an organized soccer tournament
Support community service learning projects as follow-up activities
Directly impact 50 players and coaches with an life-altering experience
Directly impact more than 100 players upon return to clubs
Indirectly impact hundreds of peers in other soccer clubs and members of the local community members support community service learning projects in 4 communities after the event
Our innovative approach to sport for development promotes education and community development through youth soccer leagues in Kumba, Mamfe, and Ndom in the Southwest Region and Ndu and Bamenda in the Northwest Region.We create learning experiences for hundreds of youth with the game of soccer to develop leadership and life skills, promote gender equity, and prevent the spread of HIV in Cameroon, Africa.