Visiting a program in person and seeing the kids interact with each other and the coach mentors reminded Carly Carstens why she is a part of Open Field. Carly currently serves as the Vice President of Open Field’s Board and leads the fundraising committee, where she thinks through strategy and builds connections with local foundations and potential funders. 

“I believe strongly in Open Field’s mission and have seen the impact it has on youth in Pittsburgh and Cameroon,” Carly said. “I’m honored to serve on the Board and support its great work. I’ve been particularly excited to see it start building programs specifically for girls.”

Carly sees the benefits sport has the build confidence and bring people together. For girls, in particular, being on a team ignites personal growth and provides leadership opportunities along with relationship and communication building. Because girls often don’t have the same opportunities as boys, Carly is excited to see that Open Field is creating programs for girls in both Cameroon and Pittsburgh.

During the day, Carly is the Director of Development and Alumnae Engagement at The Ellis School, an all-girls Pre-K through Grade 12 independent school in Pittsburgh.