This week, CameroonFDP held Youth Council Elections for the first time. They were held at the Kosala site and Legend Academy. They were very successful!
Interested applicants had to fill out an application to be considered to be put on the ballot. Once applications were collected, names of approved participants were put on the ballot. Elections were held at the next session.
Held elections on Wednesday. There were 13 youths on the ballot. Each person had to vote for 5 names since that was the number of positions on the youth council. The results were a clearly defined 5. Winners were announced at the end of the session. The five winners will later determine which positions they will hold. The positions include President, Vice President of Football, Vice President of Social Impact, Communications Chair, and Community Service Chair.

Legend/ Kingsley site:
Held Election on Thursday. Participants ran for the open positions of: President, Vice President of Girls Football, Vice President of Boys Football, Vice President of Social Impact-Girls, Vice President of Social Impact-Boys, Communications Chair, Community Service Chair, Events Chair. There were 15 youths on the ballot for the various positions. Voting was held and winners were announced as soon as results were tallied. 4 boys and 4 girls were elected into the positions.
Both groups of youth were excited to be elected and look forward to the opportunity to serve on the youth council.