Sequel to previous meeting and follow up to FECAFOOT Regional Bureau intended partnership, the Director of Operations of the organization has been in close contact with Mr. Ndazele Valery; First Vice President of FECAFOOT SWR, Barrister Muboh Maxwell; President Marketing, Promotion and Media and Committee. Working back and forth with these gentlemen of the FECAFOOT bureau in the SWR, a partnership document; work in process will in the days ahead be established for review by both institutions after which it shall warrant official signatories to validate and or authenticate the said document.
Certain specifics like the duration of the said partnership were discussed at the last meeting and the President Marketing, promotion and Media Committee made it abundantly clear that the draft will take a more detail approach at addressing mutual interests
Discussion on the possibility of marketing and promotion, around CameroonFDP intended female Super cup to be hosted in Limbe, gave the delegates from both organizations to brainstorm on lots around that opportunity and made prompt action steps which where suggestive at best.
Strong support for the CameroonFDP Super Cup to be hosted before the Female AFCON.
Prompt action steps:

With respect to the intended Super Cup, it was suggested that; CameroonFDP takes the following prompt action steps: