It was a stormy and rainy Sunday, the 6th September 2015. When the CameroonFDP Kumba team finally had the finals of the maiden edition of the Girls Tournament, which has been ongoing for the past two weeks. The match started at 3:15pm at the Government Bilingual Teachers Training College (GBTTC) school pitch,under the patronage of the Divisional Delegate for Sport and Physical Education Meme in the person of Mr. Ngah Emmanuel and a few other invitees. Following match kick off under heavy down pour, the Girls of Brescia FC and Arsenal FC wasted no time to begin show casing their talents. At exactly 3:35pm Brescia FC opened scores through her attacker Kema Janet, after a powerful shot within the limits of the penalty box. Four minutes later she went in for a double. The Arsenal FC attackers mounted pressure on the Brescia’s half, but yielding nothing. Scores at the first half of play put Brescia 2 goals ahead of Arsenal FC.
Five minutes into the second half, Kema Janet went in for a hard trick that put Brescia 3 goals up and still nothing for the Arsenal. In fact, the second half was marked by a festival of goals from Brescia. The fourth goal came in at the 30th minute from Bih Julie. Five minutes later, Kema Janet scored the firth, and barely 2 minutes later Kema Janet had the 6th and final for Brtescia FC. At full time it was Brescia FC 6 Arsenal FC 0. What a festival of goals from a more experienced Brescia Football Club.IMG-20150907-WA0001