IMG_8278Distributing mosquito nets in Cameroon is based on household survey. Household can be defined in this context as a group of people living under the same roof, sharing the same meals and acknowledging the authority of household head. Malaria is transmitted from a sick person to the one in good health only through mosquito bites, cold rain, intestinal worm, mangoes and evil spirit do not cause malaria. To avoid malaria we must protect ourselves from mosquito bites by sleeping under LLIN every night.
A LLIN is a mosquito net treated with insecticide at the factory and which has an efficient impact over a three years span. This insecticide kills mosquitoes and other insects on contact but it has no detrimental effect on humans, not even on babies. It protects against mosquito and therefore, against malaria.
CameooFDP community leader Kingsley Etoh is involved in the distribution of mosquito nets to fight against the spread of malaria in the community, being a role model, Kingsley offers community services with the District Hospital in Kumba and participates in other health campaign including administering vaccines such as polio, measles and meningitis.