In view of celebrations marking the International day of the African Woman, stakeholders and actors have called for a total integration of the African woman in socio-economic, political and cultural decisions and the non discrimination of women in Cameroon.
They are cultures that completely alienate these women for taking part in decisions concerning their family especially upon the demise of their husbands. Looking at the critical situation of women in some societies, early marriages and the domestic rule, reproductive role that women face in Africa and Cameroon remains a call for concern.
This Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family Marie Therese Ondoua while observing the event saw the recent achievement especially with the Penal Code as a landmark achievement in fighting for the rights of women and the socio-economic and cultural emancipation of women.
CameroonFDP also encourages girls participation in all its programs, empowering girls and young mothers with education on life skill which is the single most powerful means for families to escape poverty in the long run, CameroonFDP operations over the seven five years have been able to get young girls involved in community projects, develop skills that can be transferred to Income Generating activities.
Working with girls in difficult circumstances requires honoring their strength and looking for ways to build healthy one-on-one relationships between them and other members of their communities. Many young girls and mothers show great resilience in meeting the challenges they faced, the organization assist them by providing appropriate space and opportunity to take charge of their lives and develop healthy coping skills for their present and future., when young girls and mothers come together there is a potential for conflict, the fact that it exist is not bad, we learn and communicate with people even when we disagree, properly managed conflict will provide opportunities and growth.Not only will you gain the skills and capacity to lead and educate, but you will become a trusted friend, leader, and mentor for most women in the community.