The following resolutions however, were made

Current BoD Structure:
Under consideration for the current BoD structure Dr. Nzume said the BoD members will have to look at the prospective number and then be able to decide on the responsibilities and this will be so possible when the BoD meets next. However, the following responsibilities were identified so members could begin to fill in.

Visit of the US BoD:
It was agreed that following the visit of the US BoD to Cameroon, a welcome party be arranged at the residence of Madam Mbone Mewanu to give a more serene and culture base treatment to our guests.
Secondly, it was also agreed that as part of their in country activities a tour to the City Council and the three sub Councils, SDO etc would be of added advantage and even the some corporate bodies.
In country Funding Opportunities:
On the issue of in country funding opportunities, the BoD secretary produced a list of Corporate bodies in Cameroon that fund  a wide range of community and NGO activities. Members each had a copy and it was decided that BoD members should find possible network of persons to flag off a relation with these corporation so that US BoD while here could seek some form of intended partnership, collaboration and or sponsorship.
Operating Standards:
It was generally agreed that;

Other Matters:
BoD chairman; Dr. Nzume Gilbert asked the Director of Operations to brief the BoD on the state of affairs of the organization. In his briefing; the Director of Operations, highlighted the league activities, operation, expansion, successes and challenges and the intended collaboration with FECAFOOT regional bureau which of course is work in process. He further iterated the need for support to strategic plans of the organization 2017 upwards as we look towards expanding to Muyuka, Buea and Limbe. Equally, the upcoming events including but not limited to Coaches Across Continents upcoming training with staff and other community coaches, the girls league to be launched in the months ahead.
Closing Remarks:
BoD Chairman Dr. Nzume thanked Collins and team members for wonderful work done so far. He said for the fact that BoD meeting has not been held for two years but great strides have been made by the team is proof enough we have an inner passion with enough motivation to change the lives of our target beneficiaries with the activities of the organization.
He thanked the new BoD members for their interest, time and energy to join force in building this organization that has found its birth in this Green City of Kumba. He thanked God for the discernment of wisdom upon every member as we strive to be better and serve with passion. He encouraged the BoD members to see how best they can be of service to the organization and the youth to whom all actions are geared. Last, Dr. Nzume encouraged BoD membes to be regular in meetings as the only way to bridge the gap and meet the expectations set forth. God bless us all!