Some people call it “empowering” women and girls. CameroonFDP call it “investing.” That’s because each action you take to increase a woman’s access to equal opportunities in the workplace, a girl’s access to equal opportunities in the classroom, and steps you take to eliminate the scourge of gender-based violence benefits the community, country, and continent.
CameroonFDP also encourages girls participation in all its programs, empowering girls and young mothers with education on life skill which is the single most powerful means for families to escape poverty in the long run, CameroonFDP operations over the last five years have been able to get young girls involved in community projects, develop skills that can be transferred to Income Generating activities.
Working with girls in difficult circumstances requires honoring their strength and looking for ways to build healthy one-on-one relationships between them and other members of their communities. Many young girls and mothers show great resilience in meeting the challenges they faced, the organization assist them by providing appropriate space and opportunity to take charge of their lives and develop healthy coping skills for their present and future. , when young girls and mothers come together there is a potential for conflict, the fact that it exist is not bad, we learn and communicate with people even when we disagree, properly managed conflict will provide opportunities and growth. Not only will you gain the skills and capacity to lead and educate, but you will become a trusted friend, leader, and mentor for most women in the community.
Looking at the United Nation Millennium goals our organization’s vision is to promote Gender Equality and empower more girls in the field of sports; Sport programs can help to reduce the social isolation and exclusion that many girls and women experience, particularly those that cannot attend school and live in poverty. Sport programs can provide girls and women with safe places to gather, help them to build social networks, offer social support, and connect them to health, education and employment information, services, and opportunities that can help to address their marginalization in society.
Sport programs can enhance the empowerment process by challenging gender norms,
Reducing restrictions and offering girls and women greater mobility, access to public
Spaces and more opportunities for their physical, intellectual and social development.
By involving families, community leaders, boys and men in gender education, sport centric activities of CameroonFDP changes the mindset of young girls. We facilitate capacity building and Income Generating Activities Workshop for girls and young mother as part of our Organizational goals.
We aim to empower more girls and young mothers this year as we celebrate the international day of a woman on the 8th of March 2016, CameroonFDP will empower our girls teams with brand new drills such as Ask for choice from Coaches Across Continent to enable the girls to be responsible in decision making which might either influence them negatively or positively. Young mothers and girls will have the opportunity to participate in various tournament performing life skills on gender equality and equally make pledges to invest in women and girls in their communities as per the theme of this year’s celebration of the International Women’s Day whose theme; “pledge for parity” is a stitch in time to save nine.