At big championships it’s not the fastest person, it’s the person who gets it right on the day
Satuc is a charity organization founded by Sheikha sheikha Althani the princess of Quarter, Satuc is aimed at helping the under privileged children and orphans in communities all over the world with skills that are not privileged to be exposed.
The satuc world up is an international five-a-aside tournament for youths created by princess Sheikha in 2013, to bring under privileged children all over the world in competition to harness talents for development.
CameroonFDP was amongst teams selected as one of the countries of street football world network to participate in the SATUK world cup 2017. From January 2017 the organization has been occupied with the selection of underprivileged youths from different communities she has been working with since 2010. Since March 2017, the youths have been undergoing weekly training to upgrade their level of fitness for the competition. In an interview with the head coach Mr Ngoe Lobe Wallace, his teams of eight youths are fully prepared for the tournament comes October 2017.