The difference between success and failures is a great team,
The training started at 8:50 am, with opening word from the Director of Operations who welcome all and highlighted the purpose of the training to participants. After his speech a general introduction was done.
The training was divided into two sessions; the first was facilitated by the Director of Operation who introduced the +7 training Module for CameroonFDP Coaches. He lectured on the Core Values of CameroonFDP +7 model and its operation, Coaches Code of Conduct, Session and Game Time Overview, and participating Age Groups in all the Communities as we grow and expand.
The second part of the training was based on the new curriculum, with four topics, Setting goals, Accept responsibility, Self-respect and Exercises. This topic was diagnosed together with the CAC drills and was facilitated by Nenne and both the coaches and the staffs did practical work. The Director of Operation brief the participants on the importance of Documentation to the organization and advised that if any of the Coaches come across a document from the office they should treat it with care and make sure that it reaches the office at the appropriate time.
Terence brought up an important point to us on the health situation of all the youths that participate in our program. That is, the parental endorsement form should have a space where the parents can write about the health of their kids. Collins also presented the Calendar for both the Girls upcoming super cup event and the league with the Boys.