If you belong to the school where almost all students think social issues like; human rights, conflict resolution, child abuse, sexual harassment, alcohol and drugs, tribalism, corruption, school dropout, gender and sex, the list is never ending can only be addressed by scholars who went through universities, or have acquired some formal education and upon graduation open plush offices with sign post advertising their intellectual competencies I challenge you to rethink. Sports for social impact is much more powerful than any tons of advocates who attend to social issues from their plush office and parade the streets in luxurious cars; an exhibition of self-esteem rather than community impact.
Ever since the establishment of FIFA’s corporate social responsibility network of sports for social impact organizations and the UN charter on Sport for development and peace commemorated every 21st of September, football games is being greatly used across the globe to channel youth energy to create unprecedented community impact with transferable skills acquired from Coaches Across Continents; Global Leader in sports for social impact. Young boys and girls known as Community Impact Coaches across the globe are thought how to adopt CAC football games to address just any kind of social issue faced by their communities.