The cameroonfdp runs a youth leadership initiative that provides youth players with opportunities to further their leadership skills and to use those leadership skills which are the most important aspect of Cameroonfdp sports centric programs it’s the way we hope to create stronger youth leaders for a sustainable period of time.
The super cup in Bamenda influenced most of the youths positively especially as most of them are involve in social service projects during holidays. The finalist of the super cup tournament were involve in several clean ups during the weekend especially in their pitch at the Cameroon College of Commerce where they trained and run Cameroonfdp session, Which was very rough and filled with refuge and blocked drainages.
More so they plant grasses round the field to avoid trespass of persons which created a footpath around the field , so they took upon the challenge to put up a sign board stopping the trespass of people so that it look beautiful as a normal pitch.