What distinguishes us is our constant seeking of truth and knowledge in our overall mission to improve the world.
CFDP is the result of an engineering project in Barombi mbo supervised by the University of Dayton. Since CFDP’s creation in 2010, Dayton has always acted as a mentor, which is a reason why Dr. Amin always works with the girls of CFDP during his visits to Cameroon. His plan is to inspire the Dayton students by educating them about CFDP operations and programs. His hope is that one day they can be like the founder of CFDP, University of Dayton Alumni Justin Forzano. Ideally they will be inspired to organize another organization, which does not necessarily have to be based in Cameroon. Great things come from small beginnings. The students of 2014 were very excited to learn about the organization and its program and most of them promised and wished to be like Justin one day who has distinguished himself from other students.
The Dayton students were curious and anxious to learn, which was proven by the many questions they asked during the session about CFDP’s programs. We lead and we serve because we believe that the more people develop compassionate hearts and critical minds, the better our world will be. It is this curiosity and opportunities to learn from others around the world that distinguishes us on our mission to improve the world.
Next year we shall have interns from the University of Dayton working with the organization in kumba meme division south west region.