Atud Collins was born on the 12th of July 2000 in kumba, he lives with the grandparents in kosala, the mother is a bayam sellam in the market who is so busy with business just to take care of Collins and most often always absent at home and the grandparents virtually takes care of him. He is in form four at GBHS kosala and his ambition in life is to become a medical doctor. Collins does not communicate with his father on the basis of what he learnt from the mother and has no anxiety to create a relationship; he prefers to stay at home when sent away from school fees rather than visit the father. From when he was born he believes his father has not contributed anything to his life that is why he despises him and does not want to collect anything from him.
Participating in CFDP school and community sessions changed his mentality about issues in life especially when he learnt on the topic communication with parents and healthy relationship, and after some her friends did presentations and role plays, he understood the topic, he visited the father and after one on one talk with him and the father was very happy with his son and , apologize to him but insisted that he was sent by the mother and Collins told him about CFDP and their life skill topics.
Little Collins confesses that when he heard of the organization he was very reluctant to join the program , according to him he taught CFDP was just playing football on the field, but after participating in different activities he has became a changed person and now boast of achieving her dreams especially as he intended not just to be a medical doctor but he want to be cardiac specialist thanks to CFDP because the father has promised to assist him at any level of his education, he has pledge to be an ambassador of the organization.