“Humanity at its core is a very special thing to me, so working with kids and being available as a support/mentor to them is important to me, and something I’d like to continue throughout my life,” coach mentor Chloe Kinnahan says.

After being laid off from her service jobs in the midst of the pandemic and having just graduated with her Bachelors in 2019, Chloe was at a loss for what to do next – until she saw something online about Open Field. While volunteering with ARYSE, she was inspired to figure out ways she could continue supporting immigrant and refugee populations, so she signed up as a volunteer for Open Field. 

She has played soccer since she was 5, mostly in city leagues and for Pittsburgh Dynamo’s travel team. Chloe played with boys for most of high school, so she’s happy to be working with girls. Today, she plays with an adult rec team called Mickey’s F.C. 

“Soccer was always something I loved, and that I feel taught me a lot of lessons that I still live by today- particularly about teamwork,” Chloe says. “Being able to work for Open Field gives me the opportunity to pass on those lessons to those younger than me and participate in two things I have a great passion for.”

As a coach mentor with Open Field, Chloe hopes to create a safe place with her players where she gets to know her players on an individual level and supports them in their growth as both players and people as they navigate the world. Additionally, she hopes her players feel supported, valued, and recognized as players and as individuals who have voices. 

Along with teamwork, Chloe says soccer requires commitment and communication  – skills that are important on and off the field. Playing is a fun way to learn those skills.

Chloe hopes the girls will learn how to work as a team, create healthy friendships, and learn that their feelings and opinions do matter while finding and becoming confident in who they are. Throughout this, she wants to teach her players the importance of listening to others, technical skills, and game strategy. She believes there are a lot of naturally talented players, leaders, and girls with great team spirit out there, and she wants them to have the soccer knowledge necessary to carry their careers a long way. 

A fun fact about Chloe is that she attended a performing arts high school – and it was nothing like fame.