It all started with two persons “Justin Forzano and Peter Ngwane” who sat and came up with the positive initiative to change lives using football. Though it was paper work until 2010 when it became a reality, with a birth name; Cameroon Football Development Program, acronym (CFDP) with a three quarter green red and yellow ball logo.  While the name has over the years metamorphosed to become; CameroonFDP the logo is very much the symbol of changing identity. The vision, though not as bold as it is today was able to bring together passionate and highly motivated cream of men and women to help make the vision and mission of Justin and Peter impactful. Many enthusiasts attended the countless capacity building trainings and community youth camps that were organized as part of program activities at take-off. However, many of the enthusiasts who pen their names at  foundation didn’t stay that long to dream the dream except for the most dedicated and committed few who stayed to keep the dream alive. From nukes and crannies of the municipality of Kumba, were mobilized, Aminkeng Brian Nzefeh,  Ashu Abunaw Takang, Akom Caroline, Ekoi Nenne, Ngoeh Lobe Wallace, Sumelong Etuki Killian, Dickson Diba, Kama Kinsley and much later Diony Collins.  In spite of the mockery, denial,  hard times they faced from people, communities they went to implement programs,  the small office which they occupied all formed part of the humble and rocky start. The buy in with school base program became a tipping point of the organization and with it the community base replica was born and baptized the League. Strategies and plans have been worked out yearly, training and empowerment programs are continuously being carried out, vison and mission reshaped and today with the unique innovative approach to changing lives with the beautiful game, CameroonFDP is on the path to recognition and fame as a global leader in sport for social impact organization uniquely with its +7 values.
Though after five years the entire Cameroon is yet to be aware of the importance of the organization, its numerous strides adequately compensates for its substance.  From the first ever Super Cup held in Bamenda many football fans and mostly youths, parents, teachers and even the common man are beginning to find happiness through the expression of the game.  So much has changed in the organization ever since its’ humble beginning under the current dedication of the Management Team and volunteers.
Words cannot express my delights in belonging to this life changing experience with CameroonFDP.  So much in “aspiration and fulfilment” the plea for the future” of the youth players! With recent strategic partnerships and collaboration, the organization is reaching out and attaining its bold vision, it is unstoppable and the +7 values if the brand. Bravoo CameroonFDP, keep on impacting