Since a very young age, Ajong had no positive social orientation. The father is living abroad in South Africa, and is married to a different woman while the mother is into trading and she is often traveling back and forth from neighboring countries, Nigeria and Equitorial Guinea. Being raised by a very busy mother who struggled to make ends meet was the cornerstone for Ajong’s waywardness. Each day when he closed from school, he would rush home to stay with the grandmother who has been blind for several years. He was the mirror and walking stick of that old woman who could not see.
Though he had good relationship with some of his neighbors, he had no friends because his role at home was very demanding. Unfortunately for Ajong, he is the only child of the mother, and felt compelled to spent all his time with his old blind grandma, to the point of becoming more and more absent from school. At one point in time, education was nothing to him and nobody was there to follow up with his studies, or even help him do his homework. He nearly failed out of school.
Some of his classmates who have been attending CameroonFDP session in Kosala for the past few years advised him to come and benefit from the various life skill topics they were learning and also have fun through the football drills. After some reluctance, he agreed to join them. During these sessions he acquired new social skills and improved some of the relationships with his peers. He was a very shy boy before joining CameroonFDP, that to him was like a stigma. After several months involved in CameroonFDP sessions 3 times per week, Ajong is an example of a bold and confident youth with great leadership qualities and communication skills who sees the importance of caring for the younger ones just as much as he cares for the elderly. He is a role model to his peers and now even more respected by his neighbors and peers in the community there he lives.