We play for purpose

Our programs use soccer as a tool to engage youth and promote social and emotional learning, physical activity, and academic success.


Sport-Based Youth Development is an emerging model that uses sport as a vehicle to provide opportunities for young people to succeed on and off the field.

Open Field is committed to taking an evidence-based approach to our programs. Utilizing a trauma-informed coaching, we support participants through interactive play and youth-centered training. We use best practices and utilize data to evaluate our impact.

We partner worldwide to make a global impact

Through our approach, we are making an impact across multiple globally recognized problems.

Our work touches four key areas that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Gender Equality



Why youth?

Youth in poverty face similar challenges across the world – from Western PA to West Africa.

Disadvantaged youth are unable to access educational resources, safe spaces to play, and positive role models. These factors compound the negative effects of housing and food insecurity, violence and instability, and systemic inequity. Needless to say, life is hard growing up in environment like this.

Open Field aims to support youth with skills to overcome these challenges and create a better life for themselves and their families

We envision a world where youth succeed

Your financial support allows Open Field to scale our impact. Find ways to get involved here or click below to learn how you can contribute towards the mission.