As yesterday’s post explained, CFDP was able to join many organizations and institutions in Kumba on May 1st, in celebrating the 128th International Labour Day. It was great for our organization to be able to march in the parade and spread our message. Below are the 3 reasons why this day was such a success!
#3 This was the first time CFDP registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to participate in the annual ‘march pass’ (parade) celebrating the rights, and acknowledging the struggles, of labourers across the world.
#2 This was a great opportunity for CFDP youth to identify with CFDP’s values and showcase them for the entire community (It’s a big deal to march in the parade, or march pass)
#1 We were initially scheduled as group #67, indicating when we would march. However due to our connections and support from the administration we were able to march with the first 20 groups! A big thank you to everyone involved!

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