Hello all!
Some great news from Cameroon this week as CFDP and its partner schools in Kumba just completed our annual End of Year Gathering. It was a fun filled day, consisting of indoor and outdoor activities aimed at improving the children’s soccer, leadership, and life skills.  Here are 3 reasons as to why this gathering was our best one yet!
1. 100 students from 11 different schools participated! The awesome thing is that three first-time schools, GHS Kumba Mbeng, BAASK, and GSS Fiango, joined in for the first time this year. It was great to see evidence that we are growing in Cameroon and touching more lives than ever before.
End of year gathering

2. Although this day is all about fun for the kids, there are many learning opportunities to be found. So as well as providing fun drills and skill games, some part of the outdoor drills consisted of conflict resolution among youth. By using the soccer field to simulate real-world situations and conflict, we are able to improve our youth’s decision making and resolution skills through the fun nature of a beloved sport.
3.  As stated above this day consisted of indoor and outdoor activities. The indoor activities consisted of a quiz which every club scored on average higher than in previous years. This is great evidence that our message at CFDP is getting through and we are actually having a meaningful impact on these children’s lives. Our director of operations in Cameroon stated, “students have never been more excited with the impact of our program as we see now”. This alone is indicative of our success and makes this year’s gathering our best ever!