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Soccer For Maxwell

Soccer For Maxwell

Maxwell, age 13, was born with a rare form of Skeletal Dysplasia (kwashiorkor). The father is a missionary who moved from place to place to preach the Gospel and the mother; a social worker under the ministry of social affairs. Etta has three brothers who… Read more »

Morial el Role Model In Nkamlikum Community

Morial el Role Model In Nkamlikum Community

Moria-el age 13 years joined CameroonFDP program because he was trying to avoid getting into trouble with a gang of neighborhood boys in Nkamlikum community. He quickly integrated himself in the Kabate team and after a few weeks, he volunteered to keep equipment’s so he… Read more »

Confidence For Bernard.

Bernard age 16 years is a lower sixth student in CCAS kumba. He joined the program not knowing what he wanted to do after high school. After joining Kabate team, Bernard got the chance to attend several sessions where life skill topics and football drills… Read more »

Weekly Updates

From the Field First PLAY4PURPOSE pre leagues games kick off in Nkamlikum community this September, Youths select match delegates and referees to serve as officials during tournaments. Match delegates serve as ‘football peer educators and mentors’ who oversee all activities on the field and on… Read more »

Core Value Of The Month, Be A Team Player

Core Value Of The Month, Be A Team Player

To Be a Team Player means to work well with other people in order to achieve a common goal. As a team, we learn from peers, we build our weakness with the strengths of our peers, as we get better working together, we can accomplish… Read more »

Kabate Team

The team started thanks to Aghen Kelly Laurain and Nzo Rawol youths of Nkamlikum community who initially mobilized the youths and introduce the program to them. They started with 10 youths; unfortunately, girls are not part of them. Their practice days; Thursday and Tuesday has… Read more »

Community Tournaments Kick Off Last Week With Enthusiasm

Nkamlikum Community

It has a population of over 5000 inhabitants and is divided into four sub quarters headed by local quarter heads and is dominated by farmers and a few business persons. This community has five secondary schools and four primary schools coincidentally CameroonFDP programs started in… Read more »