Ajong's story: coming out of his shell

Since a very young age, Ajong had no positive social orientation. The father is living abroad in South Africa, and is married to a different woman while the mother is into trading and she is often traveling back and forth from neighboring countries, Nigeria and… Read more »

Rene – Lost Child Who Found Himself with CameroonFDP

Aroke Rene from a peasant family dropped out of school because the father worked with the ministry of Penitentiary, a correctional institution for those convicted of major crimes, the father abandoned him with the sick grandfather, and the mother a peasant farmer, He dropped out… Read more »

CameroonFDP And Satuc World Cup 2017.

At big championships it’s not the fastest person, it’s the person who gets it right on the day Satuc is a charity organization founded by Sheikha sheikha Althani the princess of Quarter, Satuc is aimed at helping the under privileged children and orphans in communities… Read more »

Youth Council Initiative

In the past few years CameroonFDP has been fortunate to be able to partner with local football clubs which has allowed the organization to expand its impact on youths around the community. Through the partnership with Legend Academy in Kumba, the organization has more access… Read more »

Daniel Gamble

Born in Brazil, moved to America, 2 years of University soccer at trinity Western University in Canada, knee/injury ended soccer career. Became sport therapist. Worked with injuries and all pain conditions resulting from body imbalance. Licensed massage therapist, Youth soccer coach, assistance director of youth… Read more »

Joben Barkey

I grew up in the Amazon rain forest in Peru, at 18yrs old I moved to Canada where I played football in university. I started a company called soccer shots in southern California and southern Florida. My company trains 3.000 children per week. According to… Read more »