Adam and Joe Pucchetti; Welcome Party In Barombi Mbo

• CameroonFDP Director of Operations Mr. Diony Collins, and two other staff members; Killian and Nenne were given a hilarious welcome by the elites of Barombi Mbo village at the event making the arrival of Adam and Joe Pucchetti; Engineering students from the University of… Read more »

Second Edition Of CameroonFDP Youth Camp 14th May 2016.

The program started at 8am with about 40 youths, CameroonFDP staff members and coaches. The theme was centered on “Youth empowerment and innovation in the field of gender”. The youths were encouraged to create new ideas for themselves and also not to discriminate or doubt… Read more »

Matches Played Over The Weekend

The first match started at 1.30 with all the match officials present and on time, Brescia V St Peter, the match ended I – 0 in favor of Brescia but considering CameroonFDP point system, they came out with a tie 7 on 7, we noticed… Read more »