Kumba League Update

On March 20th, Best Star played against Brescia at the GPS Kumba Town field. Brescia and Best Star show fair play by shaking hands before the match. The referee asks players from Best Star questions about gender issues and equality. The motivational statement is read… Read more »

Celebrate IDSDP in Easy Ways!

We are now three weeks away from celebrating the Third Annual International Day of Sport and Development for Peace (IDSDP)! There are easy ways to celebrate IDSDP, a day dedicated to recognizing sport as a powerful tool to improve lives across the world. • Share… Read more »

Legend FC Inspire Youths At The Orphanage Through Community Service

The youth leadership initiative by CameroonFDP is providing opportunities for youths in Kumba to access leadership training. It is also encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions  by working on several small projects from CameroonFDP to their respective communities. The youths first received a… Read more »

CameroonFDP Internships

Jarod Clayton Rogers, a student at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, interned with CameroonFDP after being introduced to the organization at a Peace Corps event. Before coming to Pitt, Jarod was a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Guyana and… Read more »

Mamfe League: Week Three

This past weekend, there were two games in Mamfe. The first game was between Santos and Nikoto on Sunday, February 28, 2016. Players from Santos and Nikoto prepare for the match. Nikoto FC Santos FC Players shake hands before the game, promoting fair play and… Read more »

Kumba League Update

On Saturday February 27th, Brescia FC  and St. Petersburg FC played at the Government Primary School in Kumba. It was a close match but Brescia came out on top after a goal scored by number 11, Chimi Frank.   Brescia FC ready to play. St…. Read more »