CAC/CFDP-2015 Sports For Social Impact Training

In Cameroon, Cameroon Football Development Program acronym “CFDP” is among a handful of sports for social impact organizations privileged to have a three year partnership with CAC. Last year when CAC made its debut to Kumba; cradle of CFDP there was an overwhelming mobilization of… Read more »

CAC/CFDP-2015 Sports For Social Impact Training.

If you belong to the school where almost all students think social issues like; human rights, conflict resolution, child abuse, sexual harassment, alcohol and drugs, tribalism, corruption, school dropout, gender and sex, the list is never ending can only be addressed by scholars who went… Read more »

CFDP Management In Action.

Passing out orders is as easy as passing out business cards. But a prudent leader also knows how to lead himself or herself—not merely to provide a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the overall machinery of your organization. “It’s… Read more »

CFDP Girls Tournament Kick Off In July

2015 is a year of fulfillment, and empowering more girls in schools and communities is CFDP Priority, it is often said when you educate a girl child you educate the nation. We have young girls who are very dynamic and intelligent but from very poor… Read more »

Kumba U 14 Tournament Finals

The Venue for the finals of this years’ youth League was Government Bilingual Teachers Training College (GBTTC) Kumba field. The arrival of teams was scheduled for 2pm and at 2.30.p.m, both teams started their session followed by a role play on Gender and sex; a… Read more »