1. Matches Played Over The Weekend May 23rd 2015

CFDP U 14 tournament finals will be played this weekend following a successful semi finals’ matches played last week end where Brescia defeated Kumba Lakers via penalties after both teams separated on a tie at full time to qualify for the finals against Arsenal. At… Read more »

2. Coaches Clinic In Ndom May 18th And 19th 2015

CFDP operations in Ndom; cradle of Chief Operations Officer and CFDP Founder Peter Ngwane is gaining grounds with exciting stories being written each day. The presence of CFDP female community Impact Coach; Miss Akom Caroline at last coaches clinic for which special focus was gender… Read more »

End Of Year Gathering For Schools, Friday15 May 2015

The event took place at bilingual academy of arts and science kumba (BASSK). It started at 7:30 am with the arrival of students and leaders which was followed by the registration. At about 8: am the director of operation gave his welcome speech. After the… Read more »

Sidjou Christian, CFDP facilitator In Mamfe

As a Regional Referee working under the ministry of sports and physical education, He congratulates CFDP for such a wonderful program and to him the first phase in mamfe though it was an introduction it was a good participation and effective engagement, the youths were… Read more »

Coaches Clinic In Mamfe 12th And 13th Of May 2015

Two days coaches clinic in mamfe took another dimension, the next phase of the tournament will be focused on gender issues, most of the coaches don’t have girls in their teams thus it was a perfect opportunity for them to understand the idea of gender… Read more »

Peer Educator Training On Saturday 28th March 2015

The training started at about 8:15am with 28 youths taking part. And the topic of the day was factors of training and the 10 important factors include • Develop skills in different areas • Choose effective strategy and tactics for change • Cooperative ways to… Read more »

CFDP Celebrates International Labor Day.

The international labor day in kumba would have been a zero event if CFDP did not take part. In our new track suit donated by wheeling Jesuit Soccer, it created more awareness ,through the commentaries the journalist were making ,we had the most colorful representation… Read more »

Gala Match Towards Labor Day Celebration.

The match between and amongst CFDP staff members and volunteers from community program was one experience, we would never wish to depart from our stream of activities. If Nenne manager of communication and cultural exchange could be nominated best player of the match then it… Read more »