Coaches Clinic In Ndu North West Region Of Camerooon.

‘’Successful leadership is your ability to direct and challenge the very best that is in those whom you lead’’ Last week there was a coach’s clinic in Ndu with with the leader’s players and coaches in Ndu, facilitated by Lobe Wallace and Peter Ngwane from… Read more »

Matches Over The Weekend

The match started about 5pm due to inter service that was going on at G P S. The theme for the day was UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOYS AND GIRLS. The match procedure was actually followed but ST. PETER did a different ice breaker from… Read more »

Coaches Clinic Saturday 18th April

This week coaches clinic was based on the third and fourth model of our curriculum based on gender and power and gender and Sex, our coaches were enlighten to think out of the box and instead of remaining in the box and follow societal norms… Read more »

U14 Tournament Transforms Ebot

Ebot Taku is a form two student in GBHS kumba, and participating in the CFDP tournament under the Legend football club, he is very excited and regret why CFDP did not include his school in their school programs. He testifies that his participation in this… Read more »

Five Years Working With CFDP Has Made Me Dynamic Lady

Working with CFDP for four years I got the opportunity help young people involve in community projects, develop skills that can be transferred to income Generating activities. Born on June 17th in Kumba, I did my primary education in Presbyterian School Buea Town Secondary and… Read more »