Weekend Results from Kumba League

The matches started at 3pm with the CFDP match procedures and the theme was based on the second module “where girls and boys should be equal” and followed by the motivational statement: “Gender equity leads to gender equality, where men and women enjoy equal political,… Read more »

A Community Leader Runs Session At GSS Fiango

After school session that held at G S S FIANGO on Monday 23rd march 2015 at 1:30 pm with fifteen youths taking active part in the session. all the activities during the session were interesting but the one that call my attention most was the… Read more »

Coach's Connection- Etoh Anzah Kingsley

This coach is a big fan of the team Real Madrid and his favorite coach is Sir Andesine. Right now he is only a student but he plans on becoming a professional coach. He joined CFDP to gain the tools to help him reach his… Read more »

Young Leader Training Kick Off In Kumba

The CFDP youth leadership initiative is to provide CFDP youths access to youth development sessions by organizing bi weekly capacity building sessions facilitating discussions on issues including but not limited to entrepreneurship, health education, business plan development, volunteering, community service project planning and implementation, etc…. Read more »

U14 Tournament Matches, That Took Place This Weekend.

The GPS FIELD kumba town,was jam parked with spectators on saturday to watch the match between,Brecia FC of Hausa quarters and Arsenal FC of kossala.The match started at exactly 2:30 pm with life skills. By 3pm the referee kick-started the match proper,the first 30 minutes… Read more »

Coach's Connection- Ojong Emmanuel

This is coach Ojong Emmanuel. He is coach of the team MBS. His favorite team is Real Madrid and his favorite coach is Carlos Ancelotti. He decided to start coaching because he has a passion for soccer and wants to develop the talent of the… Read more »

Coach's Connection- Flaubert Atangana

  Flaubert Atangana is the coach of Brescia FC. Like the other coahces, he is also from Kumba. His focus is on education. He makes it clear to his players that, “education is important because you will need it in whatever you do, even as… Read more »

Coaches Clinics For Schools And Communities.

Passing out orders is as easy as passing out business cards. But a prudent leader also knows how to lead himself or herself—not merely to provide a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the overall machinery of your organization. “It’s… Read more »

Coach's Connection- Harrison Tetu

This is Harrison Tetu. He is coach of Wumjeck Pullitin FC. He is focused on punctuality and believes that education is the key to success. He wants to pass this onto his players especially through the plus seven model. His goal is to successfully empower… Read more »