CFDP operations in Ndom; cradle of Chief Operations Officer and CFDP Founder Peter Ngwane is gaining grounds with exciting stories being written each day. The presence of CFDP female community Impact Coach; Miss Akom Caroline at last coaches clinic for which special focus was gender equity, The girls in that community, cannot hold back their excitement as they keep us abreast with happening almost on daily basis. The impact of CFDP life skill topics is a wonderful blessing and a key motivating factor in their drive and determination to be better leaders of tomorrow. Every session day for the two days turnout was high and exciting especially as the girls were impacted with topics such as Puberty, Teenage Pregnancy and Menstrual Cycle. They would be most excited to receive discussion on life skill topics like communication with parents and peer pressure the next time CFDP plans a trip. Like Oliver twist they desire more of these sessions to be done with them so that they can also transfer it to their peers. The youth’s applauded Ludi; Peace Corps Volunteer facilitating CFDP expansion on ground, for bringing a wonderful organization like CFDP and for especially helping to transform the lives of youths in Ndom.